After their hard experience and one month of struggling with one of the animation studio in the middle east, my client “the account managers of ORIO middle east” have contacted me “12 days before the deadline of the project” and asked for a project that consisted of 4 videos (30 seconds each) for the new ORIO social media campaign. My challenge was to stick to ORIO’s global theme and its long history of animated advertisements and also to aspire the animation atmosphere with the middle eastern Arabian look of the characters by breaking the trendy stereotyping of beauty showing the identity of the Arabian character with smart and simple solution for animation.
Character designs & directing by Ahmad Nady
types of deferent designs to Oreo Characters 
Environment design by Ahmad Abdelhameed
Layout by Ahmad Nady & Ahmad Abelhameed
Animation by Ahmad Samir & Ali Eldin
After effect by Mahmoud Boala

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